Add value and beauty to your homes.

Enclosed Patios

Enjoy your summers in a well laid-patio and create a seamlessly beautiful garden.

Enclosed Porches

Extend your indoor living area with porches and enjoy with your evenings watching the sunset as you sip on your hot tea.

Four Season

Our four season rooms are temperature-controlled and can be used throughout the year. 

Three Season

Three season sunrooms are perfect if you reside in a milder climatic region. 


Allow abundant sunlight into your homes with our beautiful solariums.

Traditional Sunrooms

Throw in an antique look to your homes with traditional solariums.


Eco Friendly Construction

We strongly believe that we humans need to live in harmony with the other species in the environment and thus we try to do the best to make our constructions eco-friendly.


The Newest Technology Repairs

With the newest technology, we can simply have anything fixed.


High Quality Construction Management

We assure to provide the best quality of service, and we will make sure that you will have a hassle-free experience.

No Project Too Big Or Too Small

We value each and every project we get and complete every task with extreme care. We have the latest technology and the best technicians to get the work done in the best possible manner.

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We’ve Been Building For Over 20 years

We have been in this industry for a long time, and we know exactly what we are doing with the project.

Client Testimonials

We had one of the most beautiful sunrooms built by sunroom show case solutions which have increased the value of our homes while we were trying to sell our home.

Darcy J. Norton<br />

Our home is now filled with natural sunlight, and we are able to enjoy the beauty of the environment without being bothered about the bugs and other insects.

Francisco E. Selleck<br />

Sunroom show case solutions had a great team who got the job done in no time. I had a beautiful sunroom installed without any hassle.

Frances K. Rogers<br />

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Real Estate Guide Clayton NC

Clayton NC Real Estate Guide

Clayton, North Carolina, is one of Johnston County’s fastest-growing communities. It’s becoming a desirable destination for retirees as well as young professionals.

This small community offers a tranquil atmosphere and intimate home, making it a great place for raising children. Additionally, there are plenty of recreational options and an exciting downtown with unique dining establishments and an exciting arts scene. When looking for Real Estate Agent Clayton look no further than HomeTowneRealty.

Location Location Location

Clayton, NC, is a great place to live if your goal is to have a small-town feel but still have all the amenities of a larger area. There are many recreational and entertainment opportunities nearby.

Clayton, NC, is a welcoming community where people get along well. It provides a safe environment for young adults and families to grow and pursue their career goals confidently.

Clayton is experiencing a rapid rise of residents as people are attracted to its affordable housing, schools, and wide range of arts and recreation activities. Clayton is located close to Research Triangle Park. It boasts hundreds and top scientists, technologists, and innovators.

Clayton is North Carolina’s fastest-growing city and is expected to continue its growth in the near future. With an affordable housing market, bustling downtown, and diverse culture, Clayton is a great home base for families or young professionals.


Clayton is a charming town that has earned the love of many in the Triangle. Its leaders have managed its growth strategy while maintaining its small-town atmosphere.

Clayton offers a year-round schedule of community events and an active business community. There are many shops and restaurants within easy reach of greenways.

Clayton residents have easy access to Raleigh and Research Triangle Park thanks to major companies such as Grifols Therapeutics, Novo Nordisk, and Caterpillar.

Clayton has a vibrant business community and an exciting arts and music scene. The city’s 600-seat auditorium – The Clayton Center – hosts regular professional and community events.

Clayton has many shops, restaurants, and breweries that will please every palate. Whether you’re searching for family-friendly eateries or international cuisine, Clayton has something to suit everyone! Clayton boasts numerous parks and greenways for an enjoyable respite from city life.


The Clayton area boasts some of North Carolina’s top public and private schools. These schools, which are supported by strong communities, aim to provide equal opportunities to all students.

Within 60 minutes of Durham, NC, you will find several colleges and higher education institutes like UNC-Chapel Hill, Barton College, and NC State. These internationally-recognized institutions offer bachelor’s and advanced degrees and occupational and technical classes.

It is important to find a school that offers quality education and has a good reputation for licensing. Schools that offer flexible schedules may be able to accommodate your busy schedule.

Are you interested in a career as a real estate agent? Garner/Clayton, North Carolina Keller Williams offers a rigorous training program to prepare for the industry and create a plan of action for success. Your local team leader can guide you through every step of selling homes to new clients and getting licensed.

Cost of Living

Clayton is a great option if you’re looking for a home with a small-town feel and easy access to Raleigh’s city life. Clayton is a safe community that offers a great quality of life.

Clayton’s location in the Research Triangle area allows Clayton residents to access many recreation opportunities. Just two hours away from Wilmington, NC, and three-and-a-half hours from The Outer Banks, residents can easily get where they’re going with plenty of outdoor adventures at their disposal.

Clayton is known for its high-quality public schools and elite higher education institutions. Clayton also enjoys a warm climate, with temperatures rarely dropping below 30°F in winter and above 89°F in summer.

The cost of living in Clayton, North Carolina, is 8% lower than the national average. This makes Clayton an attractive option for families, retirees, and young professionals alike.

How to Successfully Clean Your Carpet

When you decide to buy a new vacuum cleaner, buy a powerful machine that is well-built and long-lasting. We love Kirby vacuums, and there are a few others out there too because they have a lifetime warranty. Kirby has more metal internal parts than other vacuum cleaners, and this speaks to their popularity. Can you imagine using the same vacuum cleaner for 30 years? Many purchasers of Kirby vacuums are proud to say their Kirby has been going strong for 20 to 30 years. If you talk to one of them, they will swear to you that there has never been a problem with their vacuum. Today, craftsmanship and attention to detail, like in the Kirby vacuums, is scarce. For that reason, you should purchase a Kirby vacuum if it isn’t out of your price range.

Mold Control

If you have ever had the unpleasant experience of broken water pipes in your home, then you know what it can do to your carpet. That is why you should either have a wet vacuum or have a carpet shampooer that has that ability. Some of the better shampooers on the market can serve well as a substitute wet vac even though they are not as powerful as industrial wet vacs. The goal, and there are health reasons to consider also, is to vacuum up as much of the water as you can. One thing you have to watch for if your carpet has flooded is the development of mold. When it starts, it can get out of control very fast, and the only solution at that time is to buy new carpets.

If you have pets that come indoors, you probably already know how hard it is to clean the stains they cause, especially urine. If the urine isn’t dealt with quickly, it will penetrate your carpet pile and dry there. You must act quickly to get rid of this stain. Nevertheless, your pets may soil your carpets when you aren’t home. This happens. There are products available specifically for cleaning up pet urine spots. The ones that are the most popular are those that are enzyme-based and formulated specifically for pet stains. If you want to try a home remedy, there is one online that is popular that uses both baking soda and peroxide.

Cleaning Frequency

Your lifestyle, and who lives in your home, will be determined how to best maintain your floors and how often to clean your rugs. A household that includes pets, for example, will need more cleaning than a home that doesn’t have any pets. Dander is the problem we run into when we have pets. They all have it, and they leave it everywhere. There are a lot of people who are allergic to the dust-like dander that is a natural component of the coats and feathers of these types of pets. With pets, it’s necessary to do things a little differently when you clean your rugs. In order to keep the level of dander down in your home, you will most likely need to thoroughly vacuum more often. It’s possible that you may have to vacuum twice a week – or more – in order to keep your home dander-free.

Common sense dictates what you need to do to keep your carpets fresh and clean. Simply pay attention to your carpets and you will know what to do. Even if this isn’t your top priority, and there are more interesting things to think about, give it some serious thought so your carpet stays clean and your health is protected. The way to make your carpets are easier to clean, and to maintain their cleanliness, is to make sure you thoroughly vacuum them one or more times each and every week.

Basic Information to Know About Roof Replacement

Even if you won’t be doing the actual work, you’ll need to know what to know before you have your new roof installed. Once you start reading up on this, then it will be very obvious that it’s more involved than you thought. Guaranteed, there are legal loopholes and things to know about, and never rely on the knowledge or good graces of the roofing contractor to keep you informed.

One thing about getting a new roof is to know if there are any problems that need to be fixed now or along the way. And you also want to be very sure about any damage immediately below the roof, and usually, the type of damage will be from slow leaks with attendant moisture damage.

Roof Contractors

You have to ask yourself just exactly when you want to know about it. What the best contractors will do is take a look at your roof, and they may very well discover any problems which is ideal. A new roof will set you back more than you want, to begin with, and then the little thing about roof repairs just makes it all worse.

If you have an attic or crawlspace under the roof, then this is a really good place to look for water damage.

Dealing with Repairs

As has been mentioned before, you want to find any problem areas that need attention, and this can run the range from minor to major repairs upstairs. Most of the time if you see water stains on wood in the attic, then see if they are dried out or still moist. This may be a cost that is well worth it depending on your situation, so do not ignore this important step since it can identify issues that can be kept in mind as the roof is being replaced.

It all depends on where you live of course, and if you’re in a hot environment then install some vents – or have your roofing contractor do it for you.

You’ll find that good venting will have a positive impact on your home cooling bill. Vents are great for letting out hot and humid air during the summertime, and you don’t want that air trapped inside your home and then also the hot air in your house will migrate upwards. Never dismiss something if the savings are small, and over the years you’ll realize solid gains. Once you have decided on buying a roof, then you have to think about who will be installing it. Just go online and do some reading about this, and you’ll come across some pretty bad stories.

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