Even if you have little or no gardening experience, container gardening is something you can easily do in almost any location. There are many advantages to this type of gardening, as it does not require much space and you can set up a container garden on your porch, roof or even in your apartment or basement. If you want to give container gardening a shot, follow the simple guidelines in this article to get going.

To start with you will need to determine the style of container that would fit in best with your conditions. You can choose any number of a variety of containers; like buckets, cans or simple flower pots. If you choose a wood container, you need wood that has not been chemically treated and remember that wood will most likely end up rotting after awhile. If water sits in the container, it will have ill effects on the plants; therefore you will need to allow adequate drainage. Also consider the color of the container you use because dark colors tend to soak in too much heat for a healthy plant; so lighter colors would work better for you.

The sizes of your containers will hinge on the size of the plants you will be putting in them. Whether you prefer herbs, flowers or other sorts of plants, enough room go grow vigorously is of utmost importance. If you like to eat vegetables most of the year, you will enjoy having a container garden which will provide you with veggies in a reduced amount of space. You will find that your container garden will accommodate most types of vegetables. It is a good idea to ask people at your gardening center for their advice on which seeds will work best in a container garden. There is a wide range of vegetables that will work well including cucumbers, eggplant, and green beans. Some seeds do well in larger areas, and others do well in smaller areas – this is why you want to ask the person selling you the seeds about which ones will work the best. Many people enjoy growing large tomato plants, though dwarf cherry tomatoes are often preferable in a container garden setting.

Each person does container gardening for their own reasons – some people may do it to grow flowers and others may have veggies that they enjoy eating. Some people may plant a container garden so that they have beautiful flowers to look at which can be grown and placed anywhere to their liking. If you are conscious of interior or exterior design, especially in regard to what you are growing, you will want to use colors in your plants that match everything around it. If you grow plants, make sure that the colors match the mood of the room, or that they enhance the mood of those that will observe them on a regular basis. Subtle colors such as pink or peach can make people feel subdued whereas bright colors like orange and red can make people feel energetic. The colors that you use may affect other people, including yourself so be careful when planting, especially if you know it will affect the moods of others.

Container gardening is sure to get more popular as more people are wanting to grow their own vegetables herbs and plants. As much as we may like to have a full sized, outdoor garden; we do not necessarily have the needed space or time to appropriate. Given the fact that a container garden, like any garden, takes time and energy; it does not take as much as the demanding full sized garden.